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Kevin 董益宏 and Stephanie 贺嘉怡 Tung

Kevin 董益宏 and Stephanie 贺嘉怡 Tung

Kevin and Stephanie Tung were both born in Shanghai, China. Kevin began his teaching career in Shanghai in 1979. In 1985, Kevin moved to Hawaii, where he worked for Hilton Honolulu. He and Stephanie married in Shanghai in 1986 and moved to Denver in 1991, where they established and operated three Golden Plate Chinese restaurants.

Kevin and Stephanie have been involved with the Nathan Yip Foundation since it was established in 2002. They have also volunteered with UNESCO and UNICEF.

Kevin and Stephanie spend much of their time in Shanghai, where they raise funds for Nathan Yip Foundation projects in China, facilitate NYF’s teacher training program for over 200 teachers and plan and host the biennial Nathan Yip Foundation Shanghai Gala.