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Project Worldwide

Our Global Support

The Challenge

The world is full of youth who have great natural, innate talents, but lack the material means to reach their personal goals and contribute to a better world. More than 72 million children across the world are prevented from going to school each day, and 759 million adults struggle with literacy gaps and often do not have the tools necessary to navigate and gain access to important resources to improve both their living conditions and those of their children.

Our Strategy & Plans

Our global support is aimed to identify and fund high-impact solutions that help those children to get a rewarding education, realize their potential, and build a sustainable future. We provide educational access, empowerment, and ongoing support to vulnerable and undersevred youth throughout the world.

Our Projects

  • Asistencia De Educacion
  • Africa School Assistance Project

Previous Focus and Projects

Since 2002, the Nathan Yip Foundation has been funding educational support programs worldwide through various grants and partnerships. Through our work in China, we’ve been able to build important community relationships and find a niche opportunity with the hands-on and grassroots initiatives we support. With our headquarters in Colorado, it’s important that we invest in communities both in our own backyard and globally.

In 2016, we decided to go back-to-basics with projects in the communities we know best, China and Colorado, where we can be hands-on and be fully committed to the people we serve.

Asistencia De Educacion – Ligui, Baja, California Sur, Mexico

  • Asistencia de Educacion (AsistED) was founded by Frank Hester, a world-renown marine biologist and oceanographer, and Darlene Smith, a retired school teacher, who moved to Ligui, Baja Mexico, just south of Loreto in the 1990s. Frank and Darlene soon learned that there was a great need for education. Since many of the families lived in the surrounding mountainous areas, it was virtually impossible for their children, especially high-school aged teenagers, to get to school in the nearby resort town of Loreto.
  • The Nathan Yip Foundation built a dormitory, providing housing for 18 students during the school week, and sponsored transportation costs for students to travelfrom their homes to the school. Together, the Nathan Yip Foundation and AsistED helped with program funding and scholarships so that these teenagers from rural, laboring families could find suitable and sustainable employment.
  • Since its founding, there have been 75 high school graduates and 31 university students. NYF continued annual support from 2002 to 2012.

Africa School Assistance Project (ASAP) – Idetemya, Tanzania

  • At Idetemya Secondary School in the Misungwi District of Tanzania, the aim is to increase access to quality public education, especially for girls. Without support through its comprehensive education program, many young girls face a dismal future.
  • These girls have many challenges during their adolescent years and in 2014, the Nathan Yip Foundation partnered with ASAP to provide a solution aimed at giving them the opportunity to fully focus on their education. In 2016, a new dormitory gave these girls a safe place to live and study, complete with electricity allowing them the opportunity to study at night.
  • All the girls receive educational support, access to textbooks, tailor training, computer training and an online library, as well as holistic wrap-around services such as access to proper nutrition, clean water, sanitation and menstrual support.
  • The average secondary school graduation rate was 4% before this program. School officials are now confident that the dormitory will increase secondary school completion rates to between 50% and 80% by the end of 2016.