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What We Do


Grant Request Guidelines

Apply For a Grant

If you submitted a letter of inquiry to the NYF and were approved to apply, please use the following guidelines and application.

The Nathan Yip Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that raises funds from the public through individual gifts and special events. These funds are then reinvested in rural schools through our Rural Education Grants & Partnership Program. See grant cycle dates and details below!

The Nathan Yip Foundation supports schools, teachers, and students in Colorado’s rural communities through its Rural Education Grants & Partnership Program.

Since our founding in 2002, we have focused our efforts where we can uniquely add value so we can generate the most positive impact. Rural communities have been at the heart of our foundation’s work worldwide, and now we’re making a difference here in Colorado. The Nathan Yip Foundation specializes in providing funding, materials, expertise, and access to strategic partnerships to help develop programs to improve the quality of education to schools and communities that can’t otherwise afford the time or resources. This focus enables us to take advantage of our strengths and vast network, and reflects the foundation’s ongoing commitment to providing equal and quality access to education all over the world.

Each request is carefully evaluated by a committee of various community leaders and volunteers to determine alignment with the foundation’s mission and resources. After initial internal review, we will select a few finalists to host a small group of foundation representatives for a site visit and listening tour. Finalists will then go through one more round of internal review before notifications are sent out and funds are distributed.

We invite you to dream with us and submit your letter of inquiry for support! We love unique and innovative projects, as well as requests for basic but highly needed resources and materials that will have an immediate and direct impact on your classroom, school, or community. You know your community best, and we look forward to learning more about your vision.


What You Need to Know Before Applying

If you have any questions regarding eligibility or specifics of your application, contact Executive Director, Jill Henwood, at (303)817-8400 or


How We Make A Difference

Investing in Colorado's Rural Communities

We partner to implement programs and support in some of Colorado’s most underserved communities, and work directly with stakeholders so that we know our work is thoughtful, sustainable, and fits with the school’s most pressing needs.

During our first year supporting Colorado’s rural communities, we have developed relationships through our projects in the San Luis Valley, on the Eastern Plains, and in Colorado’s Southwest. By working directly with schools and district administrators, we get grassroots buy-in and ensure that our programs are making the biggest impact in a way that is culturally relevant to the community.