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Back to Basics

Supporting Education for a Brighter Future

Nathan Yip was a young man who had great empathy for the world’s challenges. He envisioned a place through which unbridled collaboration could end the cycle of poverty by providing equal access to educational opportunities. This is his enduring philosophy on which we’ve built our foundation.

Nathan passed away in 2001 at the early age of 19, but today his legacy of action lives on through the Nathan Yip Foundation.

Mission Statement: The Nathan Yip Foundation, inspired by the life of Nathan Yip, transforms the lives of children through long-term, direct educational support.


"To turn Nathan's wish into action, we dedicated our lives to supporting students, teachers, and schools in the rural and remote areas of China and Colorado"

        - Jimmy Yip, Founder


Setting Big Goals and Creating Targeted Efforts

A Caring Learning Environment Met With Effective Teaching and Support


“What makes an education great?” and “How can we do the most good?” are two critical questions we ask ourselves. Our current focus on China and Colorado is just the beginning of our journey, where we see great need for education support, and where we can make a great impact with our resources and expertise.