Word of Thanks Fundraiser

Word of Thanks funding will help the Nathan Yip Foundation provide more grants to rural Colorado teachers through the Rural Colorado Teacher grant program this fall and fund more projects for schools and districts in early 2023.
Word of thanks

Empowering Rural Colorado’s Schools and Students

It takes a village to raise a child!

We believe everyone should have access to equitable education. Rural communities epitomize the “villages” that raise our children; however, due to the size of the population and/or the remoteness of the town, rural schools and districts are often overlooked when it comes to providing opportunities and resources for students.

It’s our mission at the Nathan Yip Foundation to provide financial support to rural schools and teachers to help provide equitable and innovative opportunities for students in rural Colorado. 

The Challenge

According to the Colorado Department of Education, 80% (147 of Colorado’s 178) school districts are in rural areas. Rural school districts are often understaffed and cut off from resources and access to the same learning opportunities and experiences as their urban peers. 

Our Approach

Nathan Yip Foundation is committed to reaching students in some of Colorado’s most underserved communities and work directly with stakeholders so that we know our work is thoughtful, sustainable, and fits with the school’s needs.

By building partnerships with the communities we serve, we open communication channels that allow us to get to the root of each school’s unique needs and work together to craft innovative solutions.

Make a Donation

Colorado’s rural communities are home to approximately 130,500 students that are often forgotten when it comes to access to the educational resources and learning opportunities that are necessary to build skills and succeed in the changing economic landscape.

Make a donation to help provide resources to our teachers, schools and districts in rural Colorado!

Click on the tabs below to see what we could fund with $30,000.


Graphing Calculators for 20 High School Students: $2,000


Build a greenhouse to develop the agriculture/ fire science programs to certify students as entry level firefighters: $3,000


25 Student Guitars, Ukuleles, and Recorders a Music Classroom: $4,000

Hands-On Science, Technology and Engineering Materials and Curriculum for a rural K-8 School: $21,000

Our Impact

Since 2002, the Nathan Yip Foundation has funded 76 projects serving over 63,000 students worldwide.

2019-2020 Fiscal Year: At a Glance

$306,884 raised

$199,901 invested in rural education

15 projects funded

11,700 students impacted

rural colorado playground
donate musical instruments
donate computer to students
Home visits

Our Grants

Arikaree program

Rural Colorado Teacher Grants

The Nathan Yip Foundation has a simple grant request google form that teachers can submit to make a dream they have for their students happen - whether it be helping to replace an old kiln in a school with 70 students K-12, providing funds to purchase graphing calculators so every student can use one for higher level math classes, or providing funds so every student at an alternative high school can select a book to establish a high-interest library - created by students, for students. Funds go directly to teachers so they can easily use it to benefit their students.

NYF rural colorado project

School-Wide Grants

With grants ranging from $5,000- $30,000 we help rural schools and districts design and implement education programs that directly meet the needs of their community.
Here are two examples:

  • Akron High School | Akron, CO (Eastern Plains): Construction Science vocational training program
  • Center Consolidated School | Center, CO (San Luis Valley): Home Visit Program—Teachers conduct in-home visits with the goal of increasing parental engagement and support to better understand the whole child.