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Jack Markson

Jack Markson

My name is Jack Markson. I’m a dreamer and a traveler. I love exploring our world, its cultures, people, cuisine, hidden gems, all with an open heart and open mind. Travel provides me with a new way of looking at problems, their solutions and keeps me constantly learning. I’m a husband and a father.  My family is my heart and they are my fellow adventurers. I am an educator and lover of lifelong learning. 
After spending my young formative years in Denver hiking, camping, skiing and enjoying the Rocky Mountain West I made my way to the desert and attended Arizona State University. I studied Education and Interdisciplinary Studies. After university I left to teach English in China to students in pre-K to high school.  Upon returning to Denver to get my teaching license I landed a job teaching K12 at Stanley British Primary School for the past 9 years. During my time teaching K12 I obtained my Masters Degree in Educational Psychology. I also collaborated with other educators to co-found The Uganda Cultural Immersion Program for middle school students in Denver. We created a curriculum that was studied in Denver and then traveled as a group to the small village of Bujigali, Uganda to spend time with families and connect to our shared humanity.  I’m currently working for Sword Health a progressive platform tackling msk pain and changing the way we look at employee benefits.