Investing in Rural Communities


Colorado is where the Nathan Yip Foundation has grown its roots. Here, at home, our goal is to provide youth in rural Colorado with the access to learning opportunities.




According to the Center on Education Policy, almost half of all Colorado residents in the rural communities live at or below the poverty line and 68% of rural schools struggle with an achievement gap, when compared to national academic standards. 

Rural school districts are often understaffed and cut off from resources and access to the same learning opportunities and experiences as their urban counterparts. This is due to lack of federal funding, economic hardship in communities and other socioeconomic differences in marginalized communities throughout the state.



After seeing our success of improving education quality and access in the remote areas of China, the Nathan Yip Foundation is making a transition to redirect our resources from supporting education in the urban areas to promoting successful education programs to students in rural school disctricts that need a little extra support.

Stay tuned for details on the Nathan Yip Foundation's initiative in the underserved and remote areas of Colorado.



Prior to shifting our funding focus to rural Colorado, the Nathan Yip Foundation has carried out a number of meaningful projects and initiatives supporting youth education in the Denver-Metro area. Those projects have been through the hard work of partner organizations with models that have shown measurable success. We'd like to thank our wondeful partners for the past 15 years of helping us provide access to underserved youth in Denver.


book trust program

  • The Nathan Yip Foundation, in partnership with the Robert E. and Anne T. Sneed Family Foundation, underwrote the cost of providing over 4000 Scholastic books annually to over 200 students at Englewood's Cherrelyn Elementary School from 2014 to 2017.
  • This program allowed students to value books and promoted become more engaged in reading at home.


East High School Student Assistance Fund

  • The Nathan Yip Foundation partnered with the Student Assistance Fund at East High School in 2014 to introduce Nate’s Pass, a discounted RTD bus pass for qualified students to get to and from school.
  • Now in its third year, approximately 200 qualifying students will utilize Nate’s Pass each month. As these students do not recieve school-funded transportation, this pass brings much needed financial relief to what is otherwise a daunting expense, allowing them to focus fully on their schoolwork.
I cried after reading about the foundation and the help we were going to receive with a discounted bus pass. I cannot tell you how HUGE a discounted bus pass is for us!! It is the difference between eating and skipping meals. I am truly sorry that the loss of a child for one family is the reason another child benefits, but I had to let you know how important this truly is.”
— Parent