Building Great Schools, Teachers, and Students

How We Are Different

Personally Committed To And Co-Invested In

Building Schools, Teachers, and Students

At the Nathan Yip Foundation, we don’t just fund projects, we fully invest by rolling up our sleeves and get our hands dirty in every step – and you can bet we gladly go the extra mile. We also take sustainability seriously and make sure the local government and communities we work with take ownership of the programs we implement from the beginning.

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Building Schools

A safe school structure is the first step to providing students with a brighter future. We renovate and build schools in some of the most remote areas in China.

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Building Teachers

Teachers are vital to student learning and development. We provide ongoing training to ensure that teachers are getting the support they need and that students are learning effectively.

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Building Students:

We evaluate the needs of students in each community and provide targeted support, giving students the resources they need and allowing them to get the most out of their education.

Current Focus

China and Colorado

Our work depends on grants and individual support mostly in Colorado and China, where the founding family has lived for decades and the foundation calls home.

After years of supporting various types of projects and evaluating the impact we’ve made, we decided to focus in our home-states where we have on-the-ground expertise, a deep understanding of the issues we care about, and strong ties with the communities we aim to make a difference in.

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Our Impact

Since 2002, the Nathan Yip Foundation has funded 76 projects serving over 63,000 students worldwide.

2019-2020 Fiscal Year: At a Glance

$306,884 raised

$199,901 invested in rural education

15 projects funded

11,700 students impacted

support 76 projects


The Nathan Yip Foundation has been supporting education efforts in Colorado since 2009. We’ve developed and implemented over a dozen programs to address the educational needs for students with limited resources.

supporting 63k students


The Nathan Yip Foundation has been working in China since 2004. Since then, eight schools, two cafeterias, one dormitory, and two orphanages have been built or supported across five provinces, providing education for over 4,000 students.

worldwide impact


Since its founding in 2002, the Nathan Yip Foundation’s support has reached communities across the world in many countries in Africa, North, Central, and South America, as well as all over East and Southeast Asia.