2017 China Tour

Origins of Chinese Civilization & Culture

May 9 - May 22, 2017
Beijing --> Xi'an --> Luoyang --> Zhengzhou --> Kaifeng --> Shanghai

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Denver --> Beijing (May 9-May 10, 2017)

99 Yurts Restaurant Photo source: http://images.bokee.com/blog_move

99 Yurts Restaurant
Photo source: http://images.bokee.com/blog_move

Day 1 (5/10): Arrive in Beijing. 

Check into your hotel, then rest up a bit and then dine like Kahn at 99 Yurts Restaurant, an adventure in Mongolian cuisine, complete with roast lamb! After dinner, swing by the Beijing Olympic Village's Birds Nest Stadium and Water Cube, for a photo op.

Dinner included; Breakfast and lunch served early on plane

Hotel: JW Marriott Hotel Beijing
83 Jianguo Road,
Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100025
Phone: +86 10-5908-6688

Day 2 (5/11): Beijing. 

Forbidden City Photo source: https://tuchong.com/478898/12755840/

Forbidden City
Photo source: https://tuchong.com/478898/12755840/

Sleep in! In the afternoon, tour the Forbidden City, declared a World Heritage Site in 1987. This was the imperial palace from 1420 to 1912, from the Ming to Qing Dynasty, and now houses of the Palace Museum. Then, tour the Hutong district where you will explore Beijing's old alleyways and courtyards. For dinner, feast on authentic Peking Duck - the best in the world!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Hotel: JW Marriott Hotel Beijing
83 Jianguo Road,
Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100025
Phone: +86 10-5908-6688


Day 3 (5/12): Beijing. 

Great Wall Photo Source: http://www.qiwen.org/shijiezhizui/3512.html

Great Wall
Photo Source: http://www.qiwen.org/shijiezhizui/3512.html

Visit the Great Wall! The Badaling section was built in 1504 during the Ming Dynasty and was the first section opened to tourists in 1957. Afterwards, visit La Casa di Marta, a new Nathan Yip Foundation orphanage run by Father Thomas.

For dinner, visit the Chinese Royal Gastronomy Museum for a one-of-a-kind dynastic dining experience where you will enjoy an Imperial Banquet with traditional performances. The ground floor is a food court with 3,000 different traditional snacks. The second floor has a display area with over 1,000 antiques from Chinese food culture.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Hotel: JW Marriott Hotel Beijing
83 Jianguo Road,
Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100025
Phone: +86 10-5908-6688

Day 4 (5/13): Beijing --> Xi'an.

Xi'an Photo source: http://www.xazz.cn/

Photo source: http://www.xazz.cn/

Hop on the high speed train to Xi'an. Upon arrival, visit the ancient city wall. In the evening, spend free time wandering the Muslim Quarter filled with mosques, food stands, and souvenir shops.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Hotel: Hilton Xi'an
199 Dongxin Road,
Xincheng District, Xi'an, 710005
Phone: +86 29-8738-8888


Day 5 (5/14): Xi'an.

Terracotta Warriors Photo source: http://m.wudu001.com/

Terracotta Warriors
Photo source: http://m.wudu001.com/

Morning excursion to visit the Terracotta Warriors, created by China's first emperor in the 3rd century BC to guard his tomb for eternity. Then visit the beautiful Huaqing Hot Spring (scenic area only - no swimming). In the evening, enjoy the Tang Dynasty Dance Show at Tangyuegong.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Hotel: Hilton Xi'an
199 Dongxin Road,
Xincheng District, Xi'an, 710005
Phone: +86 29-8738-8888



Day 6 (5/15): Xi'an --> Mt. Hua --> Xi'an

Mt. Hua Photo source: http://huasha16.com

Mt. Hua
Photo source: http://huasha16.com

Travel via high speed train to Mt. Hua, the western-most mountain of the Five Great Mountains of China. It is famous with climbers and is regarded as one of the most dangerous hikes in the world. Don't worry! You will be enjoying a nice cable car ride up and down the mountain. In the late afternoon, take the high speed train back to Xi'an.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Hotel: Hilton Xi'an
199 Dongxin Road,
Xincheng District, Xi'an, 710005
Phone: +86 29-8738-8888

Day 7 (5/16): Xi'an --> Luoyang

Longmen Grottoes Photo source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/166422148707683667/

Longmen Grottoes
Photo source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/166422148707683667/

Take a high speed train to Luoyang and visit the Longmen Grottoes, home to over 60 Buddhist pagodas and 2,345 caves in the limestone cliffs of the Xiangshan and Longmen mountains. With artwork dating back to 493 AD, the caves house as many as 100,000 statues of Buddha and his disciples, ranging from 1 inch to 57 feet in height. This site was dedicated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 as an "outstanding manifestation of human artistic creativity."

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Hotel: Christian's Hotel
56 Jiefang Road,
Xigong District, Luoyang, 471000
Phone: +86 379-6326-6666

Day 8 (5/17) Luoyang --> Zhengzhou

Shang City Ruins Photo source: http://mapio.net/pic/p-36507129/

Shang City Ruins
Photo source: http://mapio.net/pic/p-36507129/

Tavel by coach bus to nearby Zhengzhou and visit the Yellow Emperor's Hometown. Reigning from reign was 2698 to 2598 BC, the Yellow Emperor is a deity in Chinese religion and a legendary hero of Chinese culture. He is considered the originator of the centralized state and patron of esoteric arts. Then, visit the Zhengzhou Shang City Ruins, an archaeological site built 3,570 years ago in the Shang Dynasty.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Hotel: JW Marriott Hotel Zhengzhou
Millennium Royal Plaza, No. 2 Central Business District,
Zhengdong District, Zhengzhou, 450018
Phone: +86 371-8882-8888


Day 9 (5/18) Zhengzhou --> Kaifeng.

Kaifeng Photo source: http://line.uhenan.com/line-3185.htm

Photo source: http://line.uhenan.com/line-3185.htm

Travel by coach bus to nearby Kaifeng, the ancient capital of the Northern Song Dynasty, and visit Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden and Tianbo Yang Fu, the official residence of the Northern Song Dynasty.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Hotel: Pullman Kaifeng Jianye
16 Longting North Road,
Longting District, Kaifeng 475000
Phone: +86 371-2358-9999

Day 10 (5/19) Kaifeng --> Shanghai.

Shanghai Photo source: http://www.teamsdesign.com/en/getintouch/shanghai

Photo source: http://www.teamsdesign.com/en/getintouch/shanghai

Take a scenic morning cruise on the Yellow River. After lunch, travel by high speed train to Shanghai. Check into your hotel and have the evening free to rest or explore.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Hotel: Hilton Shnaghai Hongqiao
1116 Hong Song East Road,
Shanghai, 201103
Phone: +86 21-3323-6666




Yu Garden Photo source: http://www.360doc.com/content/10/0615/21/534008_33290482.shtml

Yu Garden
Photo source: http://www.360doc.com/content/10/0615/21/534008_33290482.shtml

Day 11 (5/20) Shanghai.

After breakfast, embark on a Shanghai city tour including the Yu Garden, Shanghai Old Bazaar, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the Bund, Xintiandi, and the beautiful tree-lined French Concession.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

Hotel: Hilton Shnaghai Hongqiao
1116 Hong Song East Road,
Shanghai, 201103
Phone: +86 21-3323-6666


Day 12 (5/21) Shanghai.

Shanghai Photo source: http://www.ettravel.com.tw/group_itinerary.asp?seq=1487

Photo source: http://www.ettravel.com.tw/group_itinerary.asp?seq=1487

Free day. Shanghai has so much to explore including world-class shopping, museums, tea houses, beautiful parks, unique communities, live music, and amazing nightlife. Feel free to reach out to us for suggestions!

Breakfast at hotel included

Hotel: Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao
1116 Hong Song East Road,
Shanghai, 201103
Phone: +86 21-3323-6666



Day 13 (5/22) Shanghai --> Denver.

Check out of hotel, then take part in a fun tour or activity to be determined. Then enjoy one last group lunch before heading to the airport for your flight back home to Denver. Safe travels!

Breakfast and lunch included

$3,850/PERSON: Double Occupancy
$4,650/PERSON: Single Occupancy
*Pricing includes Five-Star Hotel Accommodations, Meals as Referenced in the Itinerary, and In-Land Travels.
Does NOT include international airfare to/from China, Visa fees, and gratuities for local guides and/or drivers.

Give us a call at (303) 817-8400, or send us an email for pricing inquiry and questions

RSVP and send full payment by March 15, 2017.

Other Nathan Yip Foundation Projects Worldwide

Supporting education for youth around the world is the ultimate goal for the Nathan Yip Foundation. Every country has its own unique challenges and opportunities. To make the greatest impact with our resources outside of the United States and China, we work with partners who have the experience, knowledge, understanding and means to deliver quality education to those who need it most.

Tree of Life “Arbol de Vida” Children’s Home – Juarez, Mexico

  • The Nathan Yip Foundation provides ongoing annual support for tuition, school supplies and school uniforms for the 35 orphaned children living at the home on a full-time basis.
  • Through a partnership with Denver Tech for All, Tree of Life saw a new computer lab, saving the children from making a bus journey to internet cafes in town to do their homework.

  • Sponsored a pre-kindergarten classroom at the Kibera School for Girls in 2015. The school, located in the heart of Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi, was the area's first free school for girls. Through the foundation’s support, an entire class of girls received supplies, uniforms, nutritious meals twice a day and comprehensive health care services.

Edge of Seven – Nepal

  • Partially underwrote construction of a two-classroom secondary school building in a remote village of Nepal in 2015.

Funzeleo – Tanzania

  • Partially funded the expansion of the Energy Programme curriculum initiative for 3000 primary school students, 40 trained teachers and volunteers in 2015.

Heshima Kenya – Nairobi, Kenya

  • Provided supplies and local travel for the refugee girls and young women participating in the Girls Empowerment Program in Nairobi, Kenya in 2015.

SOUL Foundation – Inganga District, Uganda

  • Expanded the SOUL (Supporting Opportunities for Ugandans to Learn) Foundation's student scholarship program in 2015, providing support for an additional 18 primary and eight secondary school students in the rural Iganga district of Uganda.

Wings of Hope – Pursat Province, Cambodia

  • Established a library in 2015, in support of the after-school English language and computer skills program for the students living in the rural villages of Pursat Province, Cambodia.

The Working Boys – Quito, Ecuador

  • Supported the Technical Education Innovation Initiative in 2015.

Holy Cross Anglican School – San Pedro, Belize

  • Purchased supplies for students in need in 2012.

Healing Hands of Hope – Port-au-Prince, Haiti

  • Purchased NuSkin VitaMeals through an initiative to deliver emergency meals to Haiti earthquake survivors in 2010.

Sisters of Loretto Akokoamong School Project – Akokoamong, Ghana

  • Constructed and furnished an elementary school construction for 270 children in Akokoamong, Ghana in 2009.

ThinkImpact Kayafungo Water Project - Kayafungo, Kenya

  • Partnered to bring much needed water and sanitation to over 35,000 community members, including multiple schools and a health clinic in the rural town of Kayafungo in 2007.

Orphanage Rebuilding Project – Kigali, Rwanda

  • Partnered with Salesian Missions to rebuild an orphanage for girls in Kigali, Rwanda in 2005, with project completion in 2006.

Other Nathan Yip Foundation Projects in Colorado

In the past 15 years, we've worked with many partner organizations to support education in Colorado. With the previous primary effort targeted in urban communities, we're excited to take the leap into focusing on the outlying rural communities throughout Colorado.

Below are the previous projects we've carried out.

book trust program

  • The Nathan Yip Foundation, in partnership with the Robert E. and Anne T. Sneed Family Foundation, underwrote the cost of providing over 4000 Scholastic books annually to over 200 students at Englewood's Cherrelyn Elementary School from 2014 to 2017.
  • This program allowed students to value books and promoted become more engaged in reading at home.


East High School Student Assistance Fund

  • The Nathan Yip Foundation partnered with the Student Assistance Fund at East High School in 2014 to introduce Nate’s Pass, a discounted RTD bus pass for qualified students to get to and from school.
  • Now in its third year, approximately 200 qualifying students will utilize Nate’s Pass each month. As these students do not recieve school-funded transportation, this pass brings much needed financial relief to what is otherwise a daunting expense, allowing them to focus fully on their schoolwork.
I cried after reading about the foundation and the help we were going to receive with a discounted bus pass. I cannot tell you how HUGE a discounted bus pass is for us!! It is the difference between eating and skipping meals. I am truly sorry that the loss of a child for one family is the reason another child benefits, but I had to let you know how important this truly is.”
— Parent

Denver Urban Scholars

  • The Nathan Yip Foundation, through Friends of Nathan Yip and the 2015 Nate's Night event, sponsored a youth mentorship program for metro Denver students in 2016.

Swallow Hill

  • The Nathan Yip Foundation, through Friends of Nathan Yip and the 2015 Nate's Night event, provided scholarships for youth to attend Swalls Hill's Beginner Teen House of Rock Camp in 2015, developing music skills and giving them a fun and educational alternative summer camp program.

Colorado Chinese Language School

  •  Provided scholarships to Denver Public Schools students interested in learning Chinese language and culture in 2014.

Denver Tech for All

  • Purchased supplies and hardware neccessary to refurbish recycled computers to be given, at no cost, to qualified students in the Denver community. 
  • Connected Denver Tech for All with various partner programs worldwide, providing computers and laptops for school computer labs.

Denver Center for International Studies Foundation

  • Provided 21 computers to the Baker, Montbello and Fairmont campuses in 2015.
  • Purchased "loaner" sleeping bags for the Ford campus in 2015, where 93% of the students are identified as low-income, to ensure that all students had the opportunity to participate in "camp-in" field trips at museums around Denver.

Asian Pacific Development Center

  • Sponsored APDC's capital campaign in 2013 through a grant for the new Nathan Yip Resource and Research Library.

Escuela de Guadalupe

  • Contributed to the school's scholarship fund in 2012, increasing access to its English-Spanish dual language immersion program.
  • Partnered in May 2012 in an art exchange between students at Escuela de Guadalupe and the orphans of the Marian Children's Home in Ningde, China.

Project PAVE

  • Created the Nathan Yip Foundation Scholarship in 2013 to pay tribute to youth who have made, or are making, positive contributions toward ending the cycle of relationship abuse by raising awareness and empowering themselves and others in their schools and communities.

Summer Scholars (now Scholars Unlimited)

  • Provided a grant toward the tutoring of 2000 students and their families at 20 partner elementary schools in Denver during the 2011/2012 school year.

My Book Foundation

  • Underwrote the cost of providing Caldecott and Newbery Award winning books to Denver Public Schools elementary school students in 2009.

Forward Steps

  • Provided a Guardian Scholars Scholarship to two Denver students during the 2015/2016 academic year, helping them transition from foster care to independence by investing in their development and well-being.

George Washington High School Patriot Pairs Mentoring Program

  • Provided TI-83 graphing calculators to two classes of mentees in 2015.

Reading Partners

  • Provided 660 low-income students across the Denver-metro area with one-on-one literacy tutoring during the 2015/2016 school year.

Colorado Uplift

  • Contributed to Colorado Uplift's youth mentorship programs, serving over 4000 urban youth in Denver in 2013 and 2015.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

  • Contributed to college tour field trips for qualifying low-income youth in Denver in 2015.

Other Student Care Programs in China

Marian Children’s Home, Orphanage – Fujian Province

  • In her 20’s, Ms. Xu, a street vendor, started rescuing abandoned babies. Most were mentally or physically disabled. She used rough wooden fruit containers as makeshift beds. As they grew, she modified and built bigger boxes for them to sleep in. During the day she carried the babies with her to the market where she sold fruit, and at night she cooked, washed, and mended their clothing.
  • Eventually there were too many children for her to care for on her own, and she convinced kind-hearted families to provide temporary fostering. The children were constantly moved from place to place. 
  • When the Nathan Yip Foundation learned of Ms. Xu’s story in 2007, we, along with several China and Hong Kong based foundations, contributed to the construction of a five-story 2,000 square-meter orphanage, providing a permanent and loving home for those abandoned children.
  • The Nathan Yip Foundation now provides ongoing scholarship support for educational expenses, supplies, housing and school fees.
  • In the past 20 years, Madam Xu has rescued more than 600 abandoned babies throughout the villages of China.

Don Bosco Vocational School – Guangdong Province

  • Provided school library furnishings and scholarship support for 15 students from 2003 to 2006.

Shitan Salesian Children’s Center – Shitan, Guangdong Province

  • Provide ongoing scholarship support to all 30 students in the orphanage.

Projects for School Constructions in Rural China

Yangtze River Elementary School – Shigutang, Guangdong Province

  • In Shigutang, a remote mountain village in the Guangdong Province of China, most parents are farmers who struggle to pay for basic needs and cannot afford to send their children to school.
  • In 2004, the Nathan Yip Foundation built a new 17,000 square foot school that is fully equipped with a library and athletic facilities, and provides annual student sponsorship to help this Chinese mountain community pay for school supplies and expenses. 

Ke Tian Nathan Yip School of Hope - Ke Tian Village, Guizhou Province

  • New school project slated for construction in 2016. 

Quan Po Nathan Yip School of Hope - Quan Po Village, Guizhou Province

  • Constructed a school in 2010, with partial funding from a Western Union grant, and constructed a school cafeteria in 2013.

Huomai Nathan Yip School of Hope - Huomai Village, Guizhou Province

  • Constructed a school in 2011 and provide ongoing scholarship support.
Village Children.jpg

Baisha Nathan Yip School of Hope - Baisha Village, Guangdong Province

  • Constructed a school in 2007 and provide ongoing scholarship support.

Taiping Mountain Nathan Yip School of Hope - Tian Tang Village, Hunan Province

  • Constructed a school and basketball court for 400 students in 2004.

New City Nathan Yip School of Hope - New City, Zhang Mu Village, Xinguo Region, Jiangxi Province

  • Renovated the school and built a basketball court, for 400 students, in 2015.